First appearing long ago at the foot of the Himalayas, the mango has been grown and venerated in Asia for thousands of years. This golden fruit, associated in the past with the Indian God of Love, symbolised faith and prosperity for Buddhists who used them as gifts and diplomatic offerings. Legend has it that Buddha himself was offered a mango tree so that he could rest in the shade of its leaves. Venerated, serenaded, celebrated, the mango is a symbol of life and luck, and is still the focus of many festivals in current-day India. It was only much later that the rest of the world could finally enjoy the many benefits of this succulent fruit, which visibly rejuvenates your skin thanks to its cocktail of vitamins A and C. Your skin is also left healthier and more radiant thanks to its purifying action, which cleanses pores deep down and reduces imperfections. Say yes to mango for luminous and radiant skin.