Jojoba, also known as "Desert Gold", was considered by the Sonora Indians to be a "gift from the Great Spirit" because this plant and its miraculous properties helped protect them from drought and the heat of the sun. This plant,

Already cultivated in the time of the Pharoahs, it was incredibly popular among the dignitaries of the time, including Tutankhamun and Nerfititi, whose beautiful complexion is often attributed to her beauty secret of regularly applying nigella oil. The Arabs poetically

Cultivated and valued by the Mayas and Aztecs, cocoa, known to them as "kakaw", was used in butter form for its softening, hydrating and healing properties. The beans, once dried, were also used as a currency. It was only in

An ancient tree dating back to the earliest civilisations, the date palm played an important role in their development, and spread across the whole of North Africa and into India. Featuring in all aspects of the life of the Nomads wandering these vast

First appearing long ago at the foot of the Himalayas, the mango has been grown and venerated in Asia for thousands of years. This golden fruit, associated in the past with the Indian God of Love, symbolised faith and prosperity