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About us


Our formulas are the result of a passion for offering quality, natural skincare products. All of our work- taking precautions, making guarantees, testing, and active ingredient research- has always been carried out with the same unwavering aim: to offer effective and beneficial skincare products that we could use on our own children everyday. As a family with very mixed racial backgrounds, we used our experience to rise to the challenge of developing a range of quality skincare products suitable for our family.

That’s how the concept of ETNIK cosmetics was born.

For us, offering choice in cosmetic and skincare products remains a priority. Skin types can vary greatly, but with time and prolonged use we were able to determine our position in the market. The complexity also stems from the sheer scale of the skincare sector and we would like to provide a solution for everyone who feels overwhelmed with choice.

We recommend following our advice on how to use our products. We know that the results vary depending on each individual’s skin type, and that is why we like to hear from you, so that we can provide you with advice and assistance and bring you the best. Today, ETNIK would like both individuals and professionals in the skincare sector to opt for its range of products, even if only to try them out.
If you’re impressed by the results, then start using the products!

Our products and ingredients are not tested on animals.

our ethical charter

Etnik is committed to developing the most natural products possible for the well-being of consumers

We banish from our products the chemicals and other endocrine disruptors known to date

Our products are not tested on animals, and never will

We strongly oppose child labor

We guarantee full transparency on the various stakeholders, as well as on the source of raw materials

We communicate responsibly and transparently with our consumers

We value the work of the less able people, via some of our employees who occupy adults with disabilities

We act and manufacture reasonably to drastically reduce the impact of our production on the environment.